I am a philosopher living and working in Edinburgh. My primary interests lie in Continental philosophy, Early Modern philosophy, and Marxism, and within these areas I complete research mainly into metaphilosophy and political philosophy. In this, my approach is particularly informed by philosophers who have paid special attention to reflexive questions in methodology such as Spinoza, Althusser and Deleuze. I have delivered several lectures to date, on the Philosophy of Love, Black Metal Theory, Spinoza’s political philosophy, Metaphilosophy and the Philosophy of Science, and Nicos Poulantzas’ theory of the State. I have also published papers on the morality of suicide, Nietzsche and Buddhist philosophy, Derrida’s book Glas, and Object-Oriented Ontology from the perspective of Laruellian Non-Philosophy. I prepared my undergraduate dissertation on A.W. Moore’s and Deleuze’s philosophies of sense.